Saturday, April 15, 2006

Before I left the office tonight, I set up a bit of an easter egg hunt for tomorrow, and e-mailed my associates to say I'd be rewarding anyone who came into the office on Easter Sunday to participate (as well as billing a minimum of 4 hours to qualify, obviously). I placed six easter eggs, stamped with the firm's logo, in various locations around the office. I had my secretary do the stamping -- I meant to hide a dozen eggs, but she broke six of them while stamping, which I made her pay me for. She said I should have hard-boiled them first, but I don't have time to boil eggs, obviously. I'm sure none of my associates read this, so I don't feel particularly concerned sharing with you where I hid the eggs.

I placed one egg in front of the copy machine paper tray in the copy room on the 19th floor, which means that anyone who tries to use the copier will need to push the paper tray in, and will end up cracking the egg and creating a terrible mess. Hopefully someone I don't like will have to clean that up.

I placed one egg in the basket of "vegan cookies" one of the secretaries bakes every couple of weeks and leaves out for the people at the firm who don't eat normal food.

I placed one egg in an empty cardboard box and covered it with the papers I had an associate place in numbered sequence for me last Thursday. They got out of order when I put them in the box, so the associate will have to work on that again next week.

I placed one egg in the urinal in the mens' bathroom. Any woman who wants to win this thing is going to have to prove it by going in there.

I placed one egg under the towel one of my associates always has on his chair, I suppose to soak up the sweat from his pants. I don't know why he needs a towel on his chair, but I expect this will end the practice. It's a firm-logoed bath towel. We gave them away once. He should find a better use for it.

I haven't yet placed the sixth egg yet. I'm waiting to see who finds the other five, and may wait until Monday to try and give certain people an advantage, so the winner doesn't end up being someone I don't like. I thought I'd let you offer some suggestions via e-mail. I'll post the best.

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