Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I have been meaning to explain this past month-long disappearance. I was hiking the Appalachian Trail. I mean, I was visiting a South American country. I mean, I am having an affair. With another law firm. I know it probably doesn't look good for the hiring partner of one firm to be dancing in the arms of a competitor, but I couldn't resist. It started out, as these things often do, with a casual e-mail back and forth about places to hide associates' bodies when you don't want them to be found. But it soon escalated into more than that. Much more than that. And in the end, I hurt my firm, I hurt my readers, and I hurt as many as 40% more associates than I usually hurt in the normal course of business.

I apologize on behalf of all hiring partners, who seem to be particularly prone recently to bizarre behavior. Like my colleague in our New York office, "Partner #9," as the expense reports like to call him, who was busted as part of a ring of attorneys doing unauthorized pro bono work on the firm's time. And my colleague in Illinois, who tried to sell a junior partner promotion to the highest bidder. It's a bad time to be a hiring partner, and I apologize for this indiscretion, along with my other indiscretions which have yet to come to light.

Back to work.

... well at least your honesty is enlightening, or ... is it?
Sometimes I question your sanity. Other times, I question my faith in you. This is the first time I've questioned both in unison...
The sarcasm and wit in this little piece of writing is brilliant! :)

Also.. I love your book.
They style of your writing is pretty interesting..

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I like your blog. Must say you have style,flair and wit. Do keep posting. This is Benjamin from Israeli Uncensored News
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I especially like this article because of its honesty. This little piece of writing also has humor which is very interesting to me. Great job!
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