Thursday, August 20, 2009

Above The Law writes about a legal organization that asks for a family photo along with a resume.

We tried that.

We stopped.

Most of the people we hire? I don't want to see a picture. Have you looked around law school recently? Sitting in front of a computer all day doesn't exactly do wonders for the physical appearance. I don't want to have nightmares. The less I look at the people around here, the better.

And their families? That's the last picture I want. I don't want to know what your kids look like as I'm forcing you to cancel your family vacation. I don't want to know what your wife looks like as I'm telling you to stay late on her birthday. I don't want to know what your dog looks like as I'm forbidding you to go home and feed her even though you had no reason to think you'd be here all weekend and there's no one with a key to your apartment who can go in and give her some food. I don't want to know what you look like in casual clothes. I don't want to know what you look like when you smile. No one smiles here. I haven't seen a smile since 1993. I don't want to see it in a picture.

The only picture I want with an application is a picture of your acceptance letter from a top-10 law school.

somebody feeling guilty? lonely? ;o

Anonymous Non-Lawyer
I'd have to agree with your comments on the seeming need for law firms these days to pretend that they are interested in so-called balance, and family values, and thus the faux-interest in what one's family is like, when it takes exactly one second in any firm's foyer to determine what the number one priority is. Without the almighty dollar, how the hell else are we to pay for those fancy pictures and chair coverings designed to make our clients think we actually know what we're doing, and allow us to claw their hard-earned dollars away from them?
i also agree for this...
no wonder a great many clients fire their attorneys and rightfully so. shame on you.
Would it make you feel ok if I showed you my acceptance letter from a top-10 law school, even though I decided to go somewhere else where I was able to have time for my wife and kids?

Even i too agree with this..
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I am agree with you...
So true - and funny.
LOL! That was great - but true. Good post. Made my day.

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"Sitting in front of a computer all day doesn't exactly do wonders for the physical appearance."

ha ha classic. Never thought of it that way. I should change careers : )

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Nice site, very informative. I like to read this.,it is very helpful in my part for my criminal law studies.
Don't ever ask for a photo as part of a legal job recruitment effort. C'mon people. You are just asking for an employment discrimination suit. Physical appearance is the last attribute related to a law job, and asking for pictures of family is an awkward and grotesque invasion of policy. For more info on employment law in Colorado, just click Business Lawyer Denver.
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You've got a goo write up on this issue but, the is something i will like to add to this, breaching of trust by an attorney is a very disgraceful and unprofessional practice which need by condemed in all dimensions. There are actually a good number of law firms that are really interested in the interest of their client and strive hard to satisfy and keep their contract. I have got a list of them at
Funny post. In some cases i'd like to get some pictures attached to the resume. At Goidel & Siegel, we’re not just New York personal injury lawyers - we’re specialists. Unlike other law firms that dabble in many types of law, we deal exclusively with personal injury and accident law.
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it's funny because it's so true

i love the serious comments

"you should be ashamed of yourself"


"they paid their bill, so no harm no foul" - haha - you have me rolling
law firms these days to pretend that they are interested in so-called balance, and family values, and thus the faux-interest in what one's family is like, when it takes exactly one second in any firm's foyer to determine what the number one priority is. Without the almighty dollar, how the hell else are we to pay for those fancy pictures and chair coverings designed to make our clients think we actually kno
look further when he realized she was not coming back. It was not any specific girl he was
Gosh, what a lesson for firms that actually expect Jobs their secretaries to do anything. Of course secretaries can't be trusted Gifts to do anything, that's why they're secretaries. That's bra why we need eighth-year associates, supervising sixth-year associates, supervising underwear fourth-year associates, supervising second-year associates, supervising first-year associates whose only job it is to stamp schiesser numbers on papers be a tutor and sort things in the right order.
Hi, we actually have a recruiter free job board to help lawyers and attorneys contact law firms direct. We find this helps them to feel more in control of their applications and no, we don't ask for photos! lol . Take a look
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i thought being a lawyer was fun!!!!!!!!!
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Would it make you feel ok if I showed you my acceptance letter from a top-10 law school, even though I decided to go somewhere else where I was able to have time for my wife and kids?
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Not to mention someones job shouldn't revolve around the way they look. I know it pays a huge role in most jobs, but it shouldn't.
Hahahaha! I think it's all a bunch of BS in the end, isn't it? Anyways, always love the posts!
No reason to feel bad at all, trust me! Been there, done that!
thanks a lot men
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You haven't smiled since 1993, sir? How sad. Life isn't all about working. Take a second to share your laughter with a friend or a family member. That would do you great, sir.
I am totally agree with you...
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I'm impressed by the way you delivered your messages. Why not smile? You haven't smiled since 1993? That's a big problem. Smiling makes it better. How long have you been in this job?
Yes it is true..Found what i was searching for..
I agree, sitting in front of a computer all day really is tiring but unsmiling for years is really something. There might be a deep reason behind that, I would like to know why if you don't mind.
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Well written article, let us hope that there will be a balance of legal professional's supply and demand versus legal industry employment.

I'm impressed by the way you delivered your messages. Why not smile? You haven't smiled since 1993? That's a big problem. Smiling makes it better. How long have you been in this job?

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Interesting. I stopped for a second to think if you were serious with this article. On the second thought I have similar views but I would not have put it on "paper" so harshly. I don't like to mingle work with family. When a job needs to be done, that requires the best of you and requires all your physical and mental resources you need to focus on that.
Like when I'm researching progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy diagnosis, there is no time to think about family.
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I don't like to mingle work with family. When a job needs to be done,
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Completely agree, you can see why some attorneys get a bad rap
. I don't want to have nightmares. The less I look at the people around here, the better.

I agree with your comments on the seeming need for law firms these days to pretend and thus the faux-interest in what one's family
Have you heard of very many stories about sacramento criminal defense attorneys?
What a lesson for that law firm! Thanks for sharing.
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