Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hey, out of character for a minute here, I kind of want to respond to some of the comments on the last few posts (even though I know I probably shouldn't). I'm as frustrated as you are that I don't post more often. I'm not trying to screw around with my readers, obviously if people hadn't been reading this, I wouldn't have had the awesome opportunity to write the book, and I'd still be flailing around looking for something to hit the way Anonymous Lawyer somehow managed to. So I have nothing but appreciation for anyone who takes the time to read what I'm writing, and I'm humbled and flattered that there are people actually complaining there isn't more of it. (Although maybe humbled and flattered aren't always the first things I feel when I read some of the comments...)

I wish I had more to say as this guy right now, and I keep hoping I can force it, and throw posts up there hoping it'll spur me to get back into the groove and hit some well for this character that I haven't yet explored. Obviously the biggest part of it is that I'm not working at a law firm, and so I'm not being hit with the ideas and inspiration I'd get if I were really living in Anonymous Lawyer's world. That's not an excuse, it's just an explanation. There will be more that I have to say as this guy, I'm sure of it, and hopefully some of you will enjoy reading it. It just hasn't been there while I've been working on some other writing projects, and it's been long enough thinking in this character's voice that maybe I've needed a bit of a break from it.

This is all just to say: I'm trying. And hopefully when Anonymous Lawyer does return regularly, it'll strike a chord the same way it did when I started, or, I don't know, a different and better chord. That's a terribly inarticulate thought. I'm sorry.

This is not some way to trick anyone into coming back here. There's no ads on here, I don't get any money when you click. But I can't give you a date when there'll be regularly updated consistent new content on here, because I don't know. I do think it'll be sooner rather than later. Because it would be monstrously stupid for me to lose the audience I've built, and the good will of that audience. And the threat of losing the audience should probably be enough to kick the inspiration back into full gear. Or perhaps this post can give me a clean slate to start up again without worrying I've already squandered whatever momentum was here before.

Thanks for reading, honestly. It's very rewarding to have created something people read, even if I torture myself for not being able to keep it going forever.


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