Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hey, out of character for a minute here, I kind of want to respond to some of the comments on the last few posts (even though I know I probably shouldn't). I'm as frustrated as you are that I don't post more often. I'm not trying to screw around with my readers, obviously if people hadn't been reading this, I wouldn't have had the awesome opportunity to write the book, and I'd still be flailing around looking for something to hit the way Anonymous Lawyer somehow managed to. So I have nothing but appreciation for anyone who takes the time to read what I'm writing, and I'm humbled and flattered that there are people actually complaining there isn't more of it. (Although maybe humbled and flattered aren't always the first things I feel when I read some of the comments...)

I wish I had more to say as this guy right now, and I keep hoping I can force it, and throw posts up there hoping it'll spur me to get back into the groove and hit some well for this character that I haven't yet explored. Obviously the biggest part of it is that I'm not working at a law firm, and so I'm not being hit with the ideas and inspiration I'd get if I were really living in Anonymous Lawyer's world. That's not an excuse, it's just an explanation. There will be more that I have to say as this guy, I'm sure of it, and hopefully some of you will enjoy reading it. It just hasn't been there while I've been working on some other writing projects, and it's been long enough thinking in this character's voice that maybe I've needed a bit of a break from it.

This is all just to say: I'm trying. And hopefully when Anonymous Lawyer does return regularly, it'll strike a chord the same way it did when I started, or, I don't know, a different and better chord. That's a terribly inarticulate thought. I'm sorry.

This is not some way to trick anyone into coming back here. There's no ads on here, I don't get any money when you click. But I can't give you a date when there'll be regularly updated consistent new content on here, because I don't know. I do think it'll be sooner rather than later. Because it would be monstrously stupid for me to lose the audience I've built, and the good will of that audience. And the threat of losing the audience should probably be enough to kick the inspiration back into full gear. Or perhaps this post can give me a clean slate to start up again without worrying I've already squandered whatever momentum was here before.

Thanks for reading, honestly. It's very rewarding to have created something people read, even if I torture myself for not being able to keep it going forever.


good to have you back, mate
Have you ever considered to sell the whole business? Maybe it is time to make cash and run away.
You scare me. In a way that wouldn't make you feel proud about yourself.
Good to see you posting again. Seems like a quiet phase is appropriate, given the transitions you've been going through, but maybe you could write about that.
I think that's a reasonable explanation and a real generous connection to our concerns. I hope nobody wishes you ill - I certainly don't. You know, of course, many comments were made by "anonymous posters" so you should take them in the same spirit you intended the AL to be taken. If the rude comments we meant seriously, they missed the point altogether. The blog was well done - that's enough for me.
Having the success you've had with this, you shouldn't feel obliged to carry it on simply because of that. You don't owe the audience, in retrospect they owe you gratitude. If you do it because you enjoy it, then the writing will find its audience, if not, it's fair enough -- do what suits you best.

That said perhaps you should have a sidelined Jeremy blog, I'm sure this too would interest people. I'd certainly welcome it to my regular reads. Just by my feeling inclined to comment on this particular post, you can probably tell that.

Fret not sir, there are a lot of people like myself who read & don't comment (as I'm sure the stats if you look them up would show).
It's incredibly sweet of you to be so honest with such a...demanding audience, Mr. Blachman.

I'd say more here, but I _AM_ sort of a motormouth (as most people already know), so I'll sum up with a "Thanks for caring that we care" and a "Take it easy on yourself, you've been writing for some time now, a few walls are to be expected, we love you anyway".

~*~Thanks again. :)
I second the earlier suggestion of having a Jeremy centric blog. If you are wrapped up in other things why not tell your readers about it?

I also wanted to add that, while you might not be out there in the law firms, many are. Perhaps your readers are a great resource for inspiration.

This post probably wasn't an invitation for unsolicited advice- but here we are. Thanks for all the great posts.
Don't force it, Jeremy. I'd rather read nothing at all than read some junk you tossed up just to make a few people happy.
He already has a blog as himself --
dont pressure urself!
im reading ur book again to fill the void.

I've been a fan of the AL blog for a while...avid reader, first time commenter. Incidentally, it's great to be here.

I'm sure you realize that when people are home in their underwear, they are a bit more bold/brazen/idiotic than if you met them face to face. Anyway, just ignore the haters. There will be plenty of readers when/if you decide you've got fresh materials.

Thanks for the free entertainment.
aww! that was the sweetest thing ever... i love ur site!
*you're not a lawyer???*

Jeremy, speaking as a lawyer, what makes your work so fascinating is AL's voice. As a law student you picked up that voice even though you weren't working in a law firm.

And now you are finding it harder to put AL in context. I think that is understandable for the reasons you say, you are not working in a law firm.

But maybe AL is not either. He has already been kicked out of one firm.

Maybe it is time he went to work in government (the Bush White House or maybe the EPA), or in a campaign, or in a corporate legal department of a company that makes defective toys or wipes out American jobs. Surely he would thrive in such environments.
I have read your latest post along with the comments and I thank you for your sincerity and continued effort. I think that most reading this blog will continue to enjoy and support you if you continue with quality work and do not litter the blog with sub-par posts. I agree with the comments pertaining to the possibility of writing about Mr. Blachman' post law firm practice and new found daily tribulations and oppressive behavior. Your character's sarcastic personality and willingness to find confrontation would be perfect for expanding the blog outside large law firm practice and into everyday life. Your true talent is with the product you create, not the routine or daily experiences and the ideas that may flow from them. I think most of us can appreciate the humor in what happens to and around us-but we are just not funny. Lastly, do not worry about your fans, those familiar with the blog truly appreciate your humbleness and understand that you are not "trying to screw your readers." I emailed you months ago when I had significantly less experience with your work, and I genuinely admired your dedication to the blog as evidenced by the substance and timeliness of your return email. Good luck with whatever efforts you take, and make no mistake about it, we will all be rewarded with your new work whenever it may come.
Ok, I HAD no idea that you were not a lawyer. Because you have nailed the role so close! I work in a lawfirm as a legal assistant and you make me laugh. Congrats on your success! I too wish you wrote everyday but I know it is hard to be creative all the time!
dude u are a creative guy and I have really enjoyed your posts. i dont think there is any need to apologize, but the explanation is surely helpful for those that read and appreciate your creativity.

looking forward to your next idea (or continuation of this one)

I would think perhaps it's time to try a new voice, maybe that of the anonymous associate who located AP's blog and passed it on as a sort of raise some eyebrows, get noticed, career bolstering move? I don't know, but maybe AP's move could signal the coming on of Anonymous Associate?


Surreal Associate
Mr. Blachman,

I thank you for taking time out of your life to write about a fictional hiring partner who was so close to reality that it captivated me.

Reading AL's blog was one of the contributing factors of me deciding to attend law school instead of medical school. The sarcastic humor you put into your blogs has made me anticipate what my life would be like once I graduate law school.

You should be proud of what you have created and how many people you have entertained.

People change, things change. If you believe it is a closing chapter for AL then it is your choice. I am sure your readers will respect your decision.

All the best.
This site has been bookmarked in my home PC and laptop for very long. I enjoy your writing as I am an upcoming writer of my own, surprisingly, going into law school. It's been fun reading the rediculous things and have helped me to kill time, so for all of that, I thank you.

BUT I MUST POINT OUT: I cannot believe you just stepped out of character just to "address" something. This ruined this for me in many ways. I wish you would delete this post right now on the spot and pretend like it never happened, though it is already done in my mind. Don't ever slip out of character again ... that is the whole draw of your website.
Thanks for the good times. As a hiring partner at a medium sized law firm I got a lot of entertainment out of this, and your book.

I am deeply saddened and concerned by AL's silence, and "Jeremy"'s musings. I have been taking notes from AL's wisdom since my prestigious law school days, and now that I myself am a lawyer involved with recruitment it is hard to have my guru unavailable to glean ideas from for such extended periods.

I have been reduced to using the same associate torture more than once in the same billing cycle. I do not know which pastry to steal first. I yell at cleaners less frequently. I am falling apart.

When I worked in journalism, pre-law, it was simpler. Throw coffee. Here, we cannot give the associates access to caffeine, because it makes hanging from the ceiling by their teeth easier. AL, come back.

AL's inspiration may be revitalised by coming over to my firm. I would consider hiring him myself, only he may render people less afraid of me, and that isn't acceptable.

But I will keep my eye out.
Sorry dude, I really liked reading the blog in the past, but you lost me with the fantasy baseball league post.
I cannot describe how much fun I have reading your blog. And yes, I'm a little disappointed when there isn't a new post. However, you do this in your "spare time" and anyone who even suggests that you are somehow required to post is a fucknut and should be thoroughly ignored.

If you need any material - good stories, etc., I, for one, have many, many wonderful tales to tell (and I'm sure it would be theraputic to do so) and I'm sure you could get a whole slew of fabulous partner antics from your faithful followers if you choose to do so. You need only ask your readers (and supply an email address that you don't mind getting flooded).

Don't worry too much about the haters. If they don't want to come back, they don't have to. Why they also feel the need to lash out is kind of puzzling. I appreciate your posts and enjoy reading them when they appear. Don't get too tied up in trying to please everyone. Some folks simply cannot be pleased. Remember that you are talented and write when you have somthing to say. (I doubt Mark Twain would have put up with this crap!)

imagine my shock after reading biting satire for months to find the real person behind the writing apologizing for a lack of content. You don't apologize to us! You critize us as some subhuman co-dependent living through you. Fight through it man. Treat us like dirt and order will be restored.
Thanks for the update and I can't believe there's a true Blogger out there that hasn't found themselves in the same situation. I'm amazed you were able to do what you do for so long.

Go find your Muse. I can say for me, I'll also be reading.

Hell, I named my Blog after yours.
Suck it up Blachman and stop being gay. If i had a pound for every whiney kid who comes crying to me saying they are suffering from burn out (or lazyitis) then I'd have £104.

Get back to that laptop and don't step away until you've knocked out a new book. A good one that i can laugh my stupid loud annoying laugh on the train to.

I've read AL from start to finish and have enjoyed it very much. I am a 1L now and had the opportunity to work at a top 10 law firm this past summer which made reading the blog that much more real. Don't forget that you created AL, and people read the blog because you are a talented writer. Even if you were to call it quits with AL, I, as well as many other readers on here I'm sure, would read whatever book or article you put out. Don't be so hard on yourself. Good luck.

P.S. You're article in WSJ sometime back "Trials and Tribulations of the NY Bar" was hilarious.
Hey AL--

Little late here, but I read "AL" as an advanced reader copy when I was working at a bookstore. Despite my misgivings I went to law school. Dropped out after 6 weeks. Best decision ever.

Thanks for reminding me that AL deserves to be in hell, but I don't.
Nice blog. All your secretaries hated you. I didn't work for you but I know how they felt. And wrote about it. I hope to steal your audience just as you and your kind stole the best drunken years of my twenties by making me work through my hangovers.

Welcome to the other side of the story.
I think you should take suggestions from your are a few of my suggestions for topics to discuss.

1. The incoming summer associate class
2. The state of the firm meeting that will occur later this summer
3. How the economy will force the firm to increase billable hours while lowering billing rates for low end associates...LMAO
4. Create some fidelity scandal within the firm similiar to the Gov of NY.(that could stretch into several posts)
5. How the women in the firm are constantly trying to start a womens group but are afraid to join cause they know they wont get work
6. Talk about the firm/sports team politics that goes on.

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any single male lawyers out there?

i wouldn't mind to date another one..
Me neither. It's too bad broads like anonymous wife get their lawyer dates before the lawyer himself goes sour. Life sucks. I need a boob job.
Thanks for all the enjoyment that you have given me through this blog. Right after I read your post I saw this article The last bit made me think of AL "He took that concept a step further. When those employees feel undervalued, they get depressed. Depression often causes people to feel fatigue. Ultimately, when someone doesn't have enough work to do, they may feel tired.

Perhaps that's a recommendation to employers: To keep your staffers awake, pile on the work."
to be perfectly honest, i would have been much happier if you would have stayed in character. now i know full well that this blog is a farce; i don't know if i can come back.

oh well, there are other blogs out there.

its a sad day in the blogosphere.
I usually avoid and hate lawyers!
well, i think its finally time to delete this from my favorite places. its been a good ride, kinda sad to see its dried up the last few months
This comment has been removed by the author.
hope to see more posts in the future, whenever that may be. we enjoy the reading.
I know that you have got many many fans who love your work, but these people shouldn't be so selfish. You've got other projects to work on and as much as I would love to read more of your work as the @.L. character, I know you've got other things to tend to. I do hope you come back in the near future though. I am reading your book for the 2nd time, and I am absolutely loving it!! I am so glad I decided to buy it one day at border's. Are you coming out with anything else soon? This Anonymous Lawyer guy is somewhat of my dream man: Successful, Handsome [I'm pressuming], Cocky and arrogant, and has lots of power. I'm kind of the girl version of him and I honestly just love how his humor is exactly like what I would say or do. I want to meet more men like this but there seemingly aren't that many here in Hawaii. But anyway, I actually do have a secret blog that no one knows about that I started last December. It sounds very similar to how much of an a -hole @.L. is ;-) Haha.. it's great. Anyway, take care and hope you've been well sweetie. XOXO Nicole
I know that you have got many many fans who love your work, but these people shouldn't be so selfish. You've got other projects to work on and as much as I would love to read more of your work as the @.L. character, I know you've got other things to tend to. I do hope you come back in the near future though. I am reading your book for the 2nd time, and I am absolutely loving it!! I am so glad I decided to buy it one day at border's. Are you coming out with anything else soon? This Anonymous Lawyer guy is somewhat of my dream man: Successful, Handsome [I'm pressuming], Cocky and arrogant, and has lots of power. I'm kind of the girl version of him and I honestly just love how his humor is exactly like what I would say or do. I want to meet more men like this but there seemingly aren't that many here in Hawaii. But anyway, I actually do have a secret blog that no one knows about that I started last December. It sounds very similar to how much of an a -hole @.L. is ;-) Haha.. it's great. Anyway, take care and hope you've been well sweetie. XOXO Nicole
i'm over waiting for more. I'm out. (It was good though.)
Consider the plight of Scott Adams. While still a cub cartoonist, his day job was in the Telecom industry. Mr. Adams' boss discovered he was being made fun of in Scott's cartoons. Mr. Adams lost his job. Mr. Adams continued to produce his cartoons, drawing upon voluminous suggestions from his readers, and he has swept on to fame and fortune as the creator of DILBERT. Mr. Adams wrote several books based on "the Dilbert Principle," and is now worshipped as a God. Hang in there, my friend. While you have shown us great genius, I believe you have not yet arrived at your finest hour.
I can't believe that you have to explain and give a reason for why there aren't posts regularly. that's absurd. the reason why this was a success in the first place was because it was quality. anonymous lawyer is a fresh idea, that doesn't tend to disappoint often. Something like that doesn't come every day. People need to learn to be more patient, and realize that good things are worth waiting for.
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Thanks so much for the blog and the book :-) They are both hilarious because the essence of everything you say is so true. Your blog got me through my first year as an associate, through the sleepless nights, and countless times I got yelled at and cussed out by the big bosses and felt like a complete idiot. Can't wait for more blogs!
I just wanted to let you know that you got me through the worst job. Ever. I was inspired to start blogging about it myself and somehow managed to make it....all thanks to your book and website. Whenever you decide to come back, we'll be glad to have you.
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I hope you return. Miss reading you!
Jeremy: I am usually one of your silent stalkers, but I thought you might like to see the post I made about you. You know, in case you're hiring to replace yourself. ;-)

Why Anonymous Lawyer Should Hire Law Firm Blogger
JB - Great book - growing up in "Prickheap", I can relate on so many levels. Why don't you introduce a new blog (or write a new book) called "ASP"(Anonymous Secretary/Paralegal) describing the day-to-day bullshit that legal secretaries/paralegals endure and their plots of revenge? The logo could be the silhouette of a woman with tossled hair and a pair of scissors sticking out of her head. I could help you - I've been abused by the best senior general counsel around.
I am delighted to find out you are not a lawyer. The book was a great laugh, but I was really dreading to think that some of our competitors might be running their business like your character. Good to know that the book is just a collection of gossip that evil minds like to spread, nevertheless, it does not diminish it's entertainment value.
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When will you be back?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
First of all, your blog is brilliant.

Second, it's funny how some of these commentators don't know what you're doing here, which is again, sophisticated enough to elude their senses. They think you're identity isn't fictional, which I thought the headline of your blog made pretty clear.

For all of the idiots that didn't get it, get this: the personality of Anonymous Lawyer is not a genuine representation of it's author, but is a genuine representation of particular ilk of immoral, self-absorbed big shot lawyers -- don't kill the messenger , fools!

Third, have you ever thought about playing Ice Cream Truck-type music from your car, and getting all the children in the neighborhood to run out of their houses only to see that their is no Ice Cream truck but some bloke in a Bentley -- just to teach them a lesson, mainly that one day you'll be their boss, so they might as well get used to it?

I salute you!
You've been tagged by Mimi Queen of Memes
BlogBlast For Peace ~ Join The Revolution
Based on your firm's impecable reputation and numerous recommendations from other firms, I am interested in retaining your services to serve as my legal defense team. I've been charged with three accounts of felony murder, stemming from a home invasion triple homocide incident. Despite the five eye witnesses, video footage, DNA evidence and what is thought to be "my own admission", I am innocent. I have an identical evil twin, who I suspect is in connection with this crime, although he claims he was in his alternate universe during the time this took place. With your help I am certain we can arrange a plea bargain of 2nd degree jaywalking or perhaps some sort of mistrial. I look forward to working with your prestigious firm.
RIP anonymous lawyer
i love this blog! keep up good works...its to be nice if we can know each other, do i love this blog! keep up good works...its to be nice if we can know each other, do you think so?you think so?
-big hug-

Really, jeremy, I'm extremely impressed with what you've managed to crank out over the last few years. It was excellent, excellent stuff. I hope to grow up and be a great author like you.

And I can see where Anonymous Lawyer would really begin to suck the energy out of you after a while. He would DEFINITELY be a hard voice to mimick if a) you don't work in his environment enough to have it burnt into your brain and b) if you're not nearly as sadistic as he is. I think you've done absolutely marvelous. It was great that you managed to keep the blog up over a year.

I say you definitely deserve this break. A good, long one. I'll be patient if you choose to come back. If you don't, I completely understand.

I thoroughly enjoyed your writing, mister, and if I could buy you, like, a large coffee or something to thank you for the pleasurable read, I totally would, except, like, here I am in Canada, and it'd just be weird.

♥ Take it easy. I hope you aren't beating yourself up over there, or stressing out, or being terrified to ever check this link again for fear that what you will see will be dreadful and will unleash some crazy flamewar/storm.

Just promise us you won't let your enviable talent of writing wither away to nothing. Okay? Sound easy?

(I love how a young rookie is trying making you take her advice. :) Haha. )

anonymous fangirl
ound this interesting site an thought your readers might want to know about it.
This comment has been removed by the author.
AL: you rock. You inspired dozens, if not hundreds, with this blog. Ignore the haters. What are *they* doing with their lives, other than reading your blog and bitching about it (which is a form of flattery in itself)? The true devotees understand you have a real life to live and figure out. Don't force the posts, man... your brilliance shines through when it's natural. It will come back. Have faith... I do. Looking forward to the next snarky installment!
To: Whom it may concern

A 'particular' FRESNO ATTORNEY is: bi polar, has a major drinking problem, financial issues, and overdosed just this year. He has burned colleagues and employees alike. You're not the only person who has been burned.

By the way, you can find him at a Fresno apartment complex called the VAGABOND LOFTS.

Good luck
Hi, I loved your first book and but this is my first visit to the real blog! I hope you are well and working towards another book, I would move certainly give it a read. Obviously you have many other things going on as you havnt posted since march - i hope to hear of some new stuff from you soon enough!
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This is Great! You are back with a Bang !
Someone really decided to put on their thinking cap, great going! It’s fantastic to see people really writing about the important things. w
I'd love to know what The Muscician is up to, or how AL's niece is doing at Yale.

And I thought JB was really a lawyer in real life. Harvard Law? Or was that a blog-esque lie?
Well, we can understand. We at get our inspiration each and everyday from the kakistocratic BigLaw firm we work at and the little monkeys that run it. It's not so much as inspiration as it is unadulterated anger that allows us to think of things to post.

Hopefully, we will stay at our respective BigLaw firms and have enough backlogged posts about the things that just piss us the goddamn off that when we leave the profession, we will still have things to write about that have nothing to do with contentment, daises, embroidered pillow cases, etc.
Fabulous stuff from a soon-to-be-although-crazy-1L.

I need your help. Please view, and leave your comments.

Hi, glad to read this blog...

i'm indonesian lawyer..

my name fernandes
You should have listened to the second post, sell the whole blog to someone who IS an abused associate in a BIGLAW firm and let that person write about the sadism of partners from the other side. It is still a great idea and I wish you hadn't messed it up like this. By the way, I was a loyal reader, from before there was a book or you were outed by the NY Times.

- Still a BIGLAW associate after all these years of abuse.
Psst. Don't sell it.
You should write another anonymous lawyer book! I loved the 1st one.
Someone really decided to put on their thinking cap, great going! It’s fantastic to see people really writing about the important things.
Hi Jeremy,

I wish could have your success. When I was first let go at my first firm, I had so much to say. Your book is very much my experience. I'm glad you wrote it.

Are you getting picked up for a movie?

What are you working on now? Or what are you doing for work?

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"You scare me. In a way that wouldn't make you feel proud about yourself."
Anywayz good to have you back...

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Nice Post. Thanks for sharing this information with us.
i like the way this post has been laid out to tell us the details.
welcome back!
Hey man... What's the latest on this? I enjoyed it while it lasted...


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You know what? I think you're awfully busy over there. ;) Congrats and all!! Take your time coming back to the groove. I still hope you come back!!

Thanks great article.

Good to see you posting again

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Thanks for sharing

The Infininity
I miss reading this blog. Jeremy, what are you doing now? Are you working another project? Tell us about it.
love it
salute, love it
Good post but it is scary though i agree @ clarissa and casey.
I found your book in my university's library.. I love
the ending of the book -especially
about those ropes..- so I decided
to drop by here. and, I somewhat expected you would say like that.
um..may I encourage you a litte?
My country has 14 hour-time difference from USA - but I found
your book and recommended that - to my friends (not a few..) and they now indulged in your character's vice:) wow!what a globalization!
(did it work?)
welcome to lzwyer home!!welcome to
so you wont be posting anymore i take it? its been over 8 months :(
you back but you gone again. we will be waiting for your updates
looks like the blog's gone...I wish he'd let us know!
Quite a long time I haven't seen a post from you.. but I'm too late to discover this one!
It has been a while since we have gotten new info. Has anyone heard of any new developments on this issue?
I enjoyed this content, and the feedback from others is interesting.
Hello? Do you actually think this guy is going to keep posting on a blog site that reap's no CASH. (Even though it put him there in the first place).

He's too busy making six figures on his book with a paper-thin plot,(he's a lawyer after all); a crappy book that wannabe's and clerk's from Wal Mart will read because nowaday's people wouldn't recognize a good book if it hit them on the head; too stupid)and are essentially just lining his ocket. Why would he post for free?

The reader's of this hapless blog are responsible for his book deal, so suck it up member's of the sheep flock. BAAAAAHHHH.......He's running to the bank and out of his firm, (did he even work in one?)Oh dear,nothing more to whine about? Better think up a creative sequel...
Excellent discussion! They say the law business is not for the faint of heart, this blog supports that point. Keep up the good work.
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Excellent blog. I shall come still!
Sometimes, I wonder why I bother fighting so hard for the little guy. Whats the point if they are too stupid to listen? Say that reminds me.

Amazing. The worst economic and cultural crisis of all time will go down in history horribly misunderstood. What a pathetic bunch of ignorant fools we have become. Consumer junkie credit card morons. Perfect little victims.

Don’t believe one optimistic word from any public figure about the economy or humanity in general. They are all part of the problem. Its like a game of Monopoly. In America, the richest 1% now hold ALMOST 1/2 OF ALL UNITED STATES WEALTH. Unlike ‘lesser’ estimates calculated and spun low by our sold-out government and the greedy pigs they cater to, this includes all stocks, bonds, cash, offshore accounts, and material assets held by America’s richest 1%. Even that filthy pig Oprah Winfrey acknowledged that it was near 50% in 2006. Naturally, she put her own ‘humanitarian’ spin on it. Calling attention to her own ‘good will’. WHAT A DISGUSTING SELF-CENTERED SELF-PROMOTING HYPOCRITE SLOB. THE RICHEST ONE PERCENT HAVE LITERALLY MADE WORLD PROSPERITY ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE. Don’t fall for any of their 'good will' ‘humanitarian’ CRAP. ITS A SHAM. THESE PEOPLE ARE CAUSING THE SAME PROBLEMS THEY PRETEND TO CARE ABOUT. THE EQUATION THEY STAND FOR ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT WORK. Ask any professor of economics. Money does not grow on trees. The government can’t just print up more on a whim. There are serious concequences for doing so. Regardless, there is always a relative limit to the wealth within ANY economy of ANY size. So when too much wealth accumulates at the top, the currency looses value, the middle class slip further into debt, and the lower class further into poverty. A similar rule applies worldwide. The world’s richest 1% now own over 40% of ALL WORLD WEALTH. This is EVEN AFTER you account for all of this ‘good will’ ‘humanitarian’ BS from celebrities and executives. ITS A SHAM. As they get richer and richer, less wealth is left circulating beneath them. This is the single greatest underlying cause for the current US recession. The middle class can no longer pay the bills or afford to sustain their share of the economy. Their wealth has been gradually transfered to the richest 1%. One way or another, we suffer because of their incredible greed. We are talking about TRILLIONS of dollars which have been transfered FROM US TO THEM. All over a period of about 27 years. Thats Reaganomics for you. The wealth does not ‘trickle down’ as we were told it would. It just accumulates at the top. Shrinking the middle class and expanding the lower class. Causing a domino effect of socio-economic problems. But the rich will never stop. They just keep getting richer. Leaving even less of the pie for the other 99% of us to share. At the same time, they throw back a few tax deductible crumbs and call themselves ‘humanitarians’. Cashing in on the PR and getting even richer the following year. IT CAN’T WORK THIS WAY. Their bogus efforts to make the world a better place can not possibly succeed. Any ‘humanitarian’ progress made in one area will be lost in another. EVERY SINGLE TIME. IT ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT WORK THIS WAY. This is going to end very much like a giant game of Monopoly. The current US recession will drag on for years and lead into the worst US depression of all time. The richest 1% will live like royalty while the rest of us fight over jobs, food, and gasoline. So don’t fall for any of this 'good will' 'humanitarian' BS from Hollywood, Pro Sports, and Wall Street PIGS. ITS A SHAM. Remember: They are filthy rich EVEN AFTER their tax deductible contributions. They get richer as we speak. They absolutely will not stop. Greedy pigs. Now, we are headed for the worst economic and cultural crisis of all time. Crime, poverty, and suicide will skyrocket. SEND A “THANK YOU” NOTE TO YOUR FAVORITE MILLIONAIRE. ITS THEIR FAULT. I’m not discounting other factors like China, sub-prime, or gas prices. But all of those factors combined still pale in comparison to that HUGE transfer of wealth from poor to rich. Anyway, those other factors are related and further aggrivated because of GREED. If it weren’t for the OBSCENE distribution of bottom line wealth within our country, there never would have been such a market for sub-prime to begin with. IF IT WEREN’T FOR THE OBSCENE, UNREASONABLE, ILLOGICAL, AND IMMORAL DISTRIBUTION OF UNITED STATES WEALTH, THERE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SUCH A MARKET FOR SUB-PRIME AND THERE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A COLLAPSE IN THE HOUSING MARKET. Sub-prime did not cause the problem. It only accelerated the outcome. Make no mistake. The housing market would have been in decline by now with or without sub-prime. Which by the way, was another trick whipped up by greedy bankers and executives. IT MADE THEM RICHER. Along with many investors, developers, and public figures. Including three of the most greedy, disgusting, hypocrite pigs that have ever lived. The credit industry has been ENDORSED for years by Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Dr Phil. In fact, they specifically endorsed Countrywide by name. IT MADE THEM RICHER. In order to fully appreciate this, you must realize what a rotten trick Countrywide had up their sleeve to begin with. How it was ENDORSED by OPRAH WINFREY, ELLEN DEGENERES, AND DR PHIL. How incredibly irresponsible they were. How they decieved and betrayed their own loyal fans. How they were PAID FOR IT. How they contributed to the artificial rise and accelerated fall of the US housing market. Not only by concentrating so much wealth. Not only by flaunting their own extravogant lifestyles. Not only by promoting this unrealistic concept of 'bigger, better, faster, upscale' EVERYTHING. But also by endorsing sub-prime. How many middle class dreams were shattered because of their GREED. Don't believe what you've heard from them or any other filthy rich public figure. THEY ARE LIARS. It wasn't just about irresponsible lending, borrowing, local banker bonuses, or weak oversight. That was going on BEFORE sub-prime. It was actually much more cruel and calculated. Orchestrated from the top down. 'Predatory lending' is just that. Their plan was to give easy credit to millions while the housing market was still high, inflate the market even higher in the process, reap two or three years of payments from unsuspecting middle class buyers, allow them to accumulate little or no equity, lie in wait as those homes increased in value, then jack up their rates making it near impossible for those middle class buyers to make the payments on time. At which time, those middle class buyers would be evicted, their dreams shattered, and their homes forfeited. Which by then, until mid '07', would be even higher in value and re-sold for a higher price. The plan was to be executed primarily while the market was strong. Leaving all those previous buyers with NOTHING to show for all those payments made. This incredibly cruel and calculated plan was orchestrated in part by Countrywide. THE SAME COUNTRYWIDE ENDORSED BY OPRAH WINFREY, ELLEN DEGENERES, AND DR PHIL. IT MADE THEM RICHER. It also made many of their loyal fans homeless. What a rotten, disgusting trio of hypocrite pigs. What a rotten, disgusting, immoral way to turn a quick buck. To make as many people as possible love you. Then tell those people to run out and buy a product or service because you say so. Because you were PAID to endorse it. Without the slightest regard for the downside or anything but your own bottom line. Thats why they did it. GREED. Now, there are similar ties between every major industry, every Fortune 500 company, and nearly every public figure. IT MAKES THEM RICHER. It also drives up the cost for nearly every product and service on the market. So don’t fall for their ‘good will’ 'humanitarian' BS. ITS A SHAM. NOTHING BUT A CALCULATED, TAX DEDUCTIBLE, MARKETING PLAN TO RAISE THE VALUE OF THEIR OWN IMAGE. If you fall for it, then you’re a fool. If you see any real difference between the moral character of a celebrity, politician, attorney, lobbyist, or executive, then you’re a fool. No offense fellow citizens. But we have been mislead by nearly every living public figure. We still are. Even now, they claim to be ‘hurting’ right along with the rest of us. As if gas prices actually effect the lifestyle of a millionaire. ITS A LIE. IN 2007, THE RICHEST 1% INCREASED THEIR AVERAGE BOTTOM LINE WEALTH AGAIN. On average, they are now worth well over $4,000,000 each. Thats an all time high. As a group, they are now worth well over $17,000,000,000,000. THATS WELL OVER SEVENTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS. Another all time high. Which by the way, is much more than the entire middle and lower classes combined. Also more than enough to pay off our national debt, fund the Iraq war for a decade, repair our infrastructure, and bail out the US housing market. Still think that our biggest problem is China? Think again. Its the one percent club. That means every big name celebrity, athlete, executive, entrepreneur, developer, banker, and lottery winner. Along with many attorneys, doctors, and politicians. If they are rich, then they are part of the problem. Their incredible wealth was not ‘created’, ‘generated’, grown in their back yard, or printed up on their command. It was transfered FROM US TO THEM. Directly and indirectly. Its become near impossible to spend a dollar without making some greedy pig even richer. Don’t be fooled by the fall of the stock market or the occasional loss of a millionaire’s fortune. Overall, they just keep getting richer. They absolutely will not stop. Still, they have the nerve to pretend as if they care about ordinary people. ITS A LIE. NOTHING BUT CALCULATED PR CRAP. WAKE UP PEOPLE. THEIR PRIMARY GOAL IS TO WIN THE GAME. The one percent club will always say or do whatever it takes to get as rich as possible. Without the slightest regard for anything or anyone but themselves. Reaganomics. Their idea. Loans from China. Their idea. NAFTA. Their idea. CAFTA. Their idea. Outsourcing. Their idea. Downsizing. Their idea. Sub-prime. Their idea. High energy prices. Their idea. Oil ‘futures’. Their idea. The commercial lobbyist. Their idea. The multi-million dollar lawsuit. Their idea. The multi-million dollar endorsement deal. Their idea. $400 cell phones. Their idea. $200 cell phone bills. Their idea. $200 basketball shoes. Their idea. $30 late fees. Their idea. $30 NSF fees. Their idea. $20 DVDs. Their idea. $50 event tickets. Their idea. $30 books. Their idea. $400 PC operating systems. Their idea. $60 video games. Their idea. Obscene health care charges. Their idea. Subliminal advertising. Their idea. Brainwash plots on TV. Their idea. Vioxx, and Celebrex. Their idea. Excessive medical testing. Their idea. The MASSIVE campaign to turn every American into a brainwashed, credit card, pharmaceutical, medical testing, love-sick, celebrity junkie. Their idea. IT WAS ALL THEIR IDEA. IT MAKES THEM RICHER. All of the above drive up the cost of living, shrink the middle class, concentrate the world’s wealth and resources, create a domino effect of socio-economic problems, and wreak havok on society. All of which have been CREATED AND ENDORSED by celebrities, athletes, executives, investors, developers, entrepreneurs, attorneys, and politicians. IT MAKES THEM RICHER. So don’t fall for any of their ‘good will’ ‘humanitarian’ BS. ITS A SHAM. NOTHING BUT TAX DEDUCTIBLE PR CRAP. In many cases, the ‘charitable’ contribution is almost entirely offset. Not to mention the opportunity to plug their name, image, product, and ‘good will’ all at once. Which is usually done just before or after the release of their latest commercial project. IT MAKES THEM RICHER. These greedy pigs even have the nerve to throw a fit and spin up a misleading defense with regard to ‘federal tax revenue’. ITS A SHAM. THEY SCREWED UP THE EQUATION TO BEGIN WITH. If the middle and lower classes had a greater share of the economic pie, they could easily cover a greater share of the federal tax revenue. They are held down in many ways because of greed. Wages remain stagnant for the vast majority because the executives, investors, developers, celebrities, athletes, attorneys, politicians, and entrepreneurs, are paid millions. They over-sell, over-charge, under-pay, outsource, lobby, re-locate, cut jobs, and cut benefits to increase their bottom line. Even after you account for the fall of the market, they still keep getting richer on average. Simply because their wealth is drawn from the majority in many ways. As more United States wealth rises to the top, the middle and lower classes inevitably suffer. This reduces the potential tax reveue drawn from those brackets. At the same time, it wreaks havok on middle and lower class communities and increases the need for financial aid. Not to mention the spike in crime because of it. There is a domino effect to consider. IT CAN’T WORK THIS WAY. But our leaders refuse to acknowledge this. Instead they come up with one trick after another to milk the system and screw the majority. These decisions are heavily influensed by the 1% club. Every year, billions of federal tax dollars are diverted behind the scenes back to the rich and their respective industries. Loans from China have been necessary to compensate in part, for the red ink and the multi-trillion dollar transfer of wealth from poor to rich. At the same time, the feds have been pushing more financial burden onto the states who push them lower onto the cities. Again, the hardship is felt more by the majority and less by the 1% club. The rich prefer to live in exclusive areas or upper class communities. They get the best of everything. Reliable city services, new schools, freshly paved roads, new lighting, sidewalks, drainage, upscale parks, ect. The middle and lower class communities get little or nothing without a raise in basic service charges or a local tax increase. Which, they usually can’t afford. So the red ink flows followed by service cuts and lay-offs. All because of the OBSCENE distribution of bottom line wealth in this country. Anyway, when you account for all federal, state, local taxes, and fees, the middle class actually pay about the same rate as the rich. The devil is in the details. So when people forgive the rich for their incredible greed and then praise them for paying a greater share of the FEDERAL income taxes, its like nails on a chalk board. I can not accept any theory that our economy would suffer in any way with a more reasonable distribution of bottom line wealth. Afterall, it was more reasonable 30 years ago. Before Reaganomics came along. Before GREED became such an epidemic. Before we had an army of over-paid executives, investors, celebrities, athletes, attorneys, doctors, entrepreneurs, developers, lobbyists, and sold-out politicians to kiss their greedy asses. As a nation, we were in much better shape. Strong middle class, free and clear assets, home equity, savings, widespread prosperity, stable job market, lower deficit, ect. Our economy as a whole was much more stable and prosperous for the majority. WITHOUT LOANS FROM CHINA. Now, we have a more obscene distribution of bottom line wealth, and resources than ever before. We have a sold-out government, crumbling infrastructure, energy crisis, home forclosure epidemic, credit crunch, weak job market, weak middle class, weak US dollar, 13 figure national debt, and 12 figure annual shortfall. The cost of living is higher than ever before. Most people can’t even afford basic health care. ALL BECAUSE OF GREED. I really don’t blame the upper class in general. At least not as a group and not without exception. No economy could ever function without some reasonable scale of income and wealth. But it can’t be allowed to run wild like a mad dog. ALBERT EINSTEIN TRIED TO MAKE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND. UNBRIDLED CAPITALISM ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT WORK. TOP HEAVY ECONOMIES CAN NOT BE SUSTAINED. THEY ALWAYS COLLAPSE. Bottom line: The richest 1% will soon tank the largest economy in the world. It will be like nothing we’ve ever seen before. The American dream will be shattered. and thats just the beginning. Greed will eventually tank every major economy in the world. Causing millions more to struggle, fight, starve, suffer, and die. Oprah, Angelina, Brad, Bono, and Bill are not part of the solution. They are part of the problem. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE HUMANITARIAN. EXTREME WEALTH MAKES WORLD PROSPERITY ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE. WITHOUT WORLD PROSPERITY, THERE WILL NEVER BE WORLD PEACE OR ANYTHING EVEN CLOSE. GREED KILLS. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL. Of course, the rich will throw a fit and call me a madman. Of course, they will jump to small minded conclusions about 'jealousy', 'envy', or 'socialism'. Of course, their ignorant fans will do the same. You have to expect that. But I speak the truth. If you don’t believe me, then copy this entry and run it by any professor of economics or socio-economics. Then tell a friend. Call the local radio station. Re-post this entry or put it in your own words. Be one of the first to predict the worst economic and cultural crisis of all time and explain its underlying cause. WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE.

So what can we do about it? Well, not much. Unfortunately, we are stuck on a runaway train. The problem has gone unchecked for too many years. The US/global depression is comming thanks to the 1% club. It would take a massive effort by the vast majority to prevent it. Along with a voluntary sacrifice by the rich. THATS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. But if you believe in miracles, then spend your money as wisely as possible. Especially in middle and lower class communities. Check the Fortune 500 list and limit your support of high profit/low labor industries (Hollywood, pro sports, energy, credit, pharmaceutical, cable, satelite, internet advertising, video, and music, cell phone, high fashion, jewelry, ect.). Cancel all but one credit card for emergencies only. Call the provider and demand a lower rate. Be persistent. You may get it. If you need a cell phone, then do your homework and find the best deal on a local pre-pay. If you want home internet access, then use the least expensive provider, and share accounts whenever possible. If you need to search, then use the less popular search engines. They usually produce the same results anyway. Don’t click on any internet ad. If you need the product or service, then look up the phone number or address and contact that business directly. Don’t pay to see any blockbuster movie. Instead, wait a few months and rent the DVD from a local store or buy it USED. Then loan it to a friend or family member. If you prefer the outing, then choose a film produced by the lesser known studeos with lower paid actors. If you want to see a big name game or event, then watch it in a local bar, club, or at home on network TV. Don’t buy any high end official merchandise and don’t support the high end sponsors. If its endorsed by a big name celebrity, then don’t buy it. If you can afford a new car, then make an exception for GM, Ford, and Dodge. If they don’t increase their market share soon, then a lot more people are going to get screwed out of their pensions and/or benefits. Of course, you must know by now to avoid those big trucks and SUVs unless you truly need one for its utility. Don’t be ashamed to buy a foreign car if you prefer it. Afterall, those with the most fuel efficient vehicles consume a lot less foreign oil. Which accounts for a pretty big chunk of our trade deficit. Anyway, the global economy is worth supporting to some extent. Its the obscene profit margins, trade deficits, and BS from OPEC that get us into trouble. Otherwise, the global economy would be a good thing for everyone. Just keep in mind that the big 3 are struggling and they do produce a few smaller reliable cars. Don’t frequent any high end department store or any business in a newly developed center or upper class community. By doing so, you make developers richer and draw support away from industrial areas and away from the middle and lower class communities. Instead, support the local retailer and the less popular shopping centers. Especially in lower or middle class communities. If you can afford to buy a home, then do so. But go smaller and less expensive. Don’t get yourself in too deep and don’t buy into the newly developed condos or gated communities. Instead, find a modest home in a building or neighborhood at least 20 years old. If you live in one of the poorer states, then try to support its economy first and foremost. Be on the lookout for commercial brainwash plots on TV. They are written into nearly every scene of nearly every show. Most cater to network sponsors and parent companies. Especially commercial health care. In particular, high profit pharmaceuticals and excessive medical testing. DON'T FALL FOR IT. Get off the couch and take care of your body the way nature intended. There is no substitute. If you must see a doctor, then DEMAND that he/she give you more than 5 minutes of their undivided attention. Otherwise, dispute their unreasonable charges. Be prepared with written questions about your condition and get them answered one at a time. If they refuse, then dispute their unreasonable charges. If they prescribe excessive medical testing and find nothing new or signifigant, then dispute their unreasonable charges. If they prescribe a pharmaceutical, then ask for a generic. Better yet, concider a change in lifestyle or simple tolerance. If they still recommend the name brand pharmaceutical, then ask about any financial ties or conflict of interest. If they get offended, then dispute their unreasonable charges and consider a new doctor. If you must drug away your sniffles, aches, and pains, then at least do your homework. Be aware of the possible side-effects ahead of time. Don't be surprised to find yourself back a week or two later feeling worse. In which case, you should dispute their unreasonable charges. If you are diagnosed with another medical condition, then ask your doctor what he/she has done to rule out those possible side-effects. Otherwise, dispute their unreasonable charges. Don't let any greedy doctor treat you like a number, make you wait an hour, or rush you out of their office. Otherwise, dispute their unreasonable charges. Don't fall for this CRAP that doctors have no choice but to over-book their time or over-charge their patients because of high overhead. ITS A LIE. YOUR DOCTOR IS MOST LIKELY A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE. So don't fall for their CRAP. Demand their undivided attention and respect. Afterall, they took an oath. Do all of the above regardless of your coverage. Don't force your employer to cover the obscene and often fraudulent charges of a corrupt health care industry. By doing so, you make the problem worse. Keep your guard up when watching ANY talk show. These people are not your friends. They are not your advocates. They are paid actors hired to get your attention and your money. Some of them are also executive producers (Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, and Dr Phil.). Nearly every word, smile, and stupid joke is rehearsed ahead of time. Including those which take place during what appear to be 'technical oversights' (Today Show). Its all fake. Its all calculated. Nearly every segment is about marketing some over-priced product or service. They will use any excuse to plug a gadget, fashion item, travel destonation, drug, movie, TV show, book, magazine, song, website, ect. Almost all of it over-priced. Almost all of it resulting in higher profits for their sponsors, partners, and parent companies. DON'T FALL FOR IT. Big business is fine on occasion depending on their ethics, profit margins, and profit sharing. Do your homework. If you want to support any legitimate charity, then do so directly. Never support any celebrity foundation. They spend most of their funding on PR campaigns, exotic travel, and high end accomodations for themselves. Thats right. Filthy rich public figures have been jet-setting the world in the name of 'humanity' for years. Riding in personal jets, staying in super-exclusive resorts, and living it up in exotic locations around the world the likes of which most people could never afford even if their lives depended on it. They bring along agents, advisors, publicists, hair, make-up, wardrobe, lighting, and photo crews who are also in it for themselves. They are paid six or seven figures for their part to schedule, manage, document, showcase, praise, and publicize the 'good will' of said public figures and their respective industries. Every possible expense is passed of as 'incidental' or 'necessary' and billed right back to some 'foundation' named after said public figure and/or respective industry. Every possible tax deduction is claimed. Which are incredibly vague and diverse thanks to our sold-out government. Deals are cut with major networks who agree to praise the 'good will' or 'humanitarian' effort of said public figures and plug their latest commercial project around the same time. Others from around the world pick up the story and save these industries billions in advertising every year. Resulting in higher profits and paychecks for the 1% club. When its all said and done more wealth is transfered from poor to rich. NOT the other way around. So don't support any charity named after a living celebrity. Don't be fooled by any affiliation or inspired by any short term short sighted progress report. Instead, go to and look up a top rated charity to support your favorite cause. Its all there. For example: 'Habitat For Humanity' is a top rated charity. They operate with a low overhead, volunteer workforce, and donated materials. They have built homes for the less fortunate in nearly every city nationwide. Including New Orleans. They do so as we speak. No similar effort can match their progress hour for hour or dollar for dollar. So there is no legitimate reason to support a slower, less efficient effort represented by a filthy rich Hollywood actor who flies in on a personal jet, takes most of the credit, and makes a deal with a major network for plugs just days before the premier of his latest film or DVD release. By doing so, you support not only the effort, but also the filthy rich actor. Concentrating more wealth and dumbing down our society further in the process. Instead, support 'Habitat For Humanity'. Its not perfect. It is affiliated with some big business. However, it is MUCH more efficient, effective, and less corrupt than 'Make It Right'. The difference is profound. In general, support the little guy as much as possible and the big guy as little as possible. Keep your own greed in check. Don't play the lottery and don't invest only for profit. If you do come into a fortune, then give away the bulk of it to others who have far less. Find the courage and do it. STAY OUT OF THE 1% CLUB. Encourage others to do the same. Their standard is obscene, unjust, illogical, and immoral. There is no excuse for it. Do your part to reverse the transfer of wealth away from the rich and back to the middle and lower classes. Otherwise, there will be no economic recovery EVER. Unfortunately, there is no perfect answer. Jobs will be lost either way. Families will go cold and hungry either way. Innocent children will starve and die either way. But we need to support the largest group of workers with the most reasonable profit margins. We need to stand for a more reasonable distribution of income, bottom line wealth, and resources. We also need to support LEGITIMATE charities (Check that list at This is our only chance to limit the severity or duration of the comming US/global depression. In the meantime, don’t listen to Bernanke, Paulson, Bartiromo, Orman, Dobbs, Kramer, Pickens, Larson, O'Reiley, Limbaugh, Bruce, Inghram, or any other public figure with regard to the economy. They are all plenty smart but I swear to you that they will lie right through their rotten teeth. IT MAKES THEM RICHER. These people work for big business. The ‘experts’ they cite also work for big business. They are motivated primarily by their desire to accumulate more wealth. THEY WILL LIE RIGHT THROUGH THEIR ROTTEN TEETH. So don’t fall for their tricks. Instead, look at the big picture. The economic problems we face have been mounting for well over 20 years. All of them caused or aggrivated by a constant transfer of wealth from poor to rich. Soon, it will cause the first ever GLOBAL DEPRESSION. Its not brain surgery. For the mostpart, Its simple math. Like I said, you are welcome to copy this entry and run it by any professor of economics or socio-economics. Ask them specifically about the link between distribution of wealth and economic stability. If thats not good enough, then look up what Albert Einstein had to say about greed, excess, extreme wealth, and its horrible concequences. I speak the truth. GREED KILLS. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL.

Its already underway. A massive campaign to divert our attention. Trump, Buffet, OReiley, Dobbs, Pickens, Norris, and several other well known filthy rich public figures have been running their mouths about the economy. Finally admitting a hint of severity after almost 2 years of denial. They even have the nerve to acknowledge the possibility of a US/global depression. Still, they refuse to acknowledge the single greatest underlying cause. Instead, they focus on policies, procedures, and circumstances that were born FROM the underlying cause. Dancing their way around the big picture. DON'T FALL FOR IT. Remember: Our national debt was way up BEFORE sub-prime. Consumer debt was way up BEFORE sub-prime. The cost of living was up BEFORE sub-prime. Wall Street profits were obscene BEFORE sub-prime. The middle class were loosing free and clear assets BEFORE sub-prime. Our infrastructure was in bad shape BEFORE sub-prime. Loans from China were taken out BEFORE sub-prime. The dollar was loosing value BEFORE sub-prime. So don’t let these cowardly filthy rich public figures divert your attention or limit your range of thought. THE CURRENT ECONOMIC CRISIS WAS NOT CAUSED BY A SINGLE POLICY OR PROCEDURE. IT WAS CAUSED PRIMARILY BY A MASSIVE TRANSFER OF WEALTH FROM POOR TO RICH. THIS ALSO REPRESENTS A MASSIVE CONCENTRATION OF CAPITAL WORLDWIDE. OTHERWISE, THERE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SUCH A MARKET FOR SUB-PRIME AND THERE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A GLOBAL CREDIT CRUNCH. MONEY DOES NOT GROW ON TREES AND IT DOES NOT JUST FLOAT AWAY. IT ONLY TRANSFERS FROM ONE PARTY TO ANOTHER. ALBERT EINSTEIN TRIED TO MAKE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND. GREED KILLS. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL.

A word for those who respond with the usual ‘I know more than you. I spell better than you. I talk like an economist. Look how smart, knowledgable, and articulate I am’ crap. Let me say this in advance. I don’t claim to be an expert in this field. But I did go on record with these predictions long before any public figure uttered the word ‘recession’. I've done so 'on the air' and 'online'. Millions of you already know my voice. My first call was in September of '05'. I tried to explain that we will never have world peace without world prosperity and that we will never have world prosperity without a 'fair and reasonable pay-scale'. I also tried to explain the link between 'extreme wealth' and 'extreme poverty'. My call was immediately followed by attacks from so called 'patriots' who felt that my cause must have been to promote 'socialism' or 'bring down America'. Not warn her citizens. You may also remember me from chat rooms criticizing the 1% club and Hollywood humanitarians in particular. If you search long enough, you will find my early postings online from ‘05' and ‘06'. At first, they were written specifically to fit within a few hundred characters. Including the first draft of this rant. It started with one short paragraph predicting a 'total collapse of the US economy'. Others included phrases like 'game of Monopoly', 'recession is inevitable', 'global recession', 'greed kills', and 'the worst economic and cultural crisis of all time'. Some of which were eventually included here. From day 1, I have tried to explain the link between extreme wealth, poverty, and economic instability. My internet account was eventually cancelled for posting 'spam' in response to articles about the economy. In December of '06', I predicted market instability by spring of the following year. I did so 'on the air'. In January of '07', I called another morning talk show and spoke with a guest host who was filling in for a well known public figure. Again, I specifically predicted growing market instability, the current US recession, and the subsequent US/global depression.Which by the way, will be the worst of all time by far. In February of '07', Allen Greenspan acknowledged a 'one in three' chance of a US recession. I immediately called another talk radio show and guranteed AGAIN that it was iminent. I criticized Greenspan and tried to explain that it was not about 'odds' but instead a very simple equation with regard to distribution of income and wealth. I also gave credit to Albert Einstein who went on record with similar views in 1949. As far as I know, he was the first to do so. By late spring of '07', the market was rattled and the economic 'stimulus' in the works. Which turned out to be around $160,000,000,000. THATS ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY BILLION DOLLARS. Well over 1% of our GDP. Deemed appropriate at the time by our leaders. In fact, Bush went on record with a claim that it was based on a mathematical formula and proven strategy. They said it would work. I immediately predicted that it would have little or no effect. By summer of '07' the stock market was more unstable. The housing market in decline. Again, I predicted that it would get MUCH worse. In September of '07', I predicted that our government would have no choice but to acknowledge a US recession by October of '08'. I also assured the audiance that our economy would "go down in a ball of flames" because of greed and that no recovery would EVER take place without a more reasonable distribution of wealth and resources. I have made these predictions 'on air' and 'online' literally hundreds of times. The first call was in September of '05'. Made to a well known public figure with a large audiance. The first blog post a month or so later. Prior to that, I had never even seen one. In fact, my very first post to a blog was written specifically to warn my fellow citizens about the comming US/global depression. Which I was already convinced at the time would be SEVERE within a decade. That was in October of '05'. At the time, there were literally only a few of us worldwide posting any such prediction online. I'm talking maybe a dozen searchable links. This particular rant began with one short paragraph in '06'. Like the others, it was originally intended to fit within a few hundred characters. At the time, I was unaware of any blogs which allowed for longer entries to be posted anonymously. This paragraph was first written in early-mid '08'. Its been updated several times. There has also been a running debate on which began in October of '07' (don't click on their ads). In February or March of '08', I refered specifically to the bank failures of the Great Depression and predicted that it was about to happen again. At the time, I was one of only a few worldwide to go on record with any such prediction. This was still several weeks to months before Greenspan, Paulson, Bartiromo, Orman, Kramer, O'Reiley, Larson, Bohannon, Dobbs, Celeste or any other well known public figure had acknowledged even a hint of severity. It was also several weeks before Fanny May and Freddie Mac made the news. I also predicted in March that our markets would end the year much lower than they began. Which was still contrary to what we were being told by any public figure. I was allowed to post but when my predictions came true, the site operators went back all the way to October of '07' and deleted nearly every one of my previous entries (they missed a few.). Their motive was obvious. They wanted to 'erase' my credibility. is directly affiliated with NBC, GE, Universal Studeos, Countrywide, CityBank, Capital One, Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Ellen Degeneres, Dr Phil, and others who I persecute by name. All of which depend on the constant dumbing down of society. All of whom are partially responsible for the current economic crisis. None of which or whom have the GUTS to acknowledge the single greatest underlying cause. GREED. In fact, those who epitomoze it (all of the above) want my big mouth SHUT. For 3 solid years, I have been ripping on the 1% club for their incredible greed and hypocrisy. From day 1, my call has been for a more reasonable distribution of income, wealth, and resources. My warning that without it, we would face the worst economic and cultural crisis of all time. Since then, I’ve gone on record against people like Greenspan, Bernanke, Paulson, Laffer, O'Reiley, Bartiromo, Orman, Kramer, Larson, and Dobbs. So far, my predictions have been accurate. The public figures DEAD WRONG. Afterall, not one of them acknowledged even a hint of severity in '05', '06', or '07'. When they FINALLY did this year, they all said something to the effect of "None of us saw this comming.". LIARS. There were a few of us typing our fingers to the bone trying to warn people. There were a few of us calling talk radio shows almost daily trying to warn people. I was one of them. Again, I don't claim to be an expert in this field. But I do understand simple equations, basic economics, and cultural trends. I also realize that mainstream views are DEAD WRONG and based on LIES told by filthy rich public figures who will say whatever it takes to serve their own interests. GREED. Afterall, what kind of incredible MORON could even glance at the numbers and somehow think the equation could work? What kind of incredible MORON could possibly hope to sustain an economy based on a constant transfer of wealth from poor to rich? What the hell did they expect to happen when the middle class finally ran low on money to spend on over-priced crap like everything that I mentioned in that first long paragraph? What the hell were they thinking of? I'll tell you what. RICHES. FILTHY STINKING RICHES. Thats what. Now, they are spinning themselves dizzy trying to divert our attention. Mark my words: They will never acknowledge the downside of their own incredible greed. They will all come up with one campaign or strategy after another to blame the other guy, the other administration, the other politician, the other party, the other policy, the other industry, the other country, ect. Whatever it takes to dumb down our society. They will NEVER have the GUTS to acknowledge the single greatest underlying cause for this global economic crisis. GREED. Its not their knowledge I question. Its their character. GREED. Like I said. This is not brain surgery. For the mostpart, its simple math. When you concentrate the world’s wealth, you also concentrate its capital, and shrink the middle class along with the potential market for every major industry. Homes go unsold. Bills go unpaid. Jobs are lost. Banks fail. More products go unsold. More jobs are lost. More banks fail. and so on. and so on. and so on. It happened 80 years ago. It will happen again. This time on a catastrophic global scale. Throughout the cycle, the rich will panic and tighten their grip. Concentrating the world’s wealth and resources even further, getting richer in the process, and ensuring the collapse of every major economy worldwide. Think it can’t happen? Think again. GREED KILLS. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL.

Another thing. I don’t want credit for any of this. Otherwise, I would have given my full name a long time ago. I havn't. IT DOESN'T MATTER. I'm not selling a book and I'm not looking for any notoriety. At least not yet. I do have a plan to go public when my parents die. In fact, I have BIG plans for my inheritence. Every single penny of it. In the meantime, I don't want them to know about it. I also don't want them punished for my big mouth. Which is why I've gone out of my way to remain anonymous for 3 solid years. When I do go public, it won't be for profit and it won't be for popularity. It will be for a legitimate cause and NOTHING ELSE. In fact, I hope to be just one of many. A face in the crowd. In the meantime, I don't care who gets to say "I told you so." IT DOESN'T MATTER. As far as I’m concerned, you can put this entire rant in your own words and take credit for all of it. I don’t care. Just spread the word. Otherwise, the greatest injustice of all time will go down in history unchecked.

By the way. The bailout won’t work. IT WON’T WORK. The plan fails to address the fundamental problem. The middle class don’t need more credit. They need a reasonable share of the economic pie. They also need a lower cost of living and a chance to catch their breath. They need a break from all of the psychological marketing tricks and mass market BS. Most of all, they need to wake up, see the truth, and take a stand. GREED KILLS. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL.

To my surprise, two public figures have found the courage to acknowledge this problem to some degree. On 11.07.07 former presidential candidate Ron Paul mentioned the massive transfer of wealth from poor to rich. He also hinted at the possibility of economic collapse. He did so on 'Face the Nation'. He was blacklisted almost immediately for doing so. On 9.28.08 former secretary of labor Robert Reich refered to the obscene levels of income inequality as part of a "recipe for disaster". He mentioned the richest one percent in particular. He did so on 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien'. As far as I know, Albert Einstein was the first to explain the link between extreme wealth and economic instability. He did so in 1949. He explained how the first Great Depression was actually caused by a massive transfer of wealth from poor to rich. He predicted that it would happen again. He also predicted much greater levels of economic instability proportional to much greater levels of income and wealth inequality. He was right. Amazing. The prosperity of an entire world is about to be compromised. Almost entirely because of greed. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL.

Another word about the Great Depression. It really was a perfect storm. First, there was unprecidented economic growth. There was a massive building spree. There was a growing sense of optimism. There was a growing obsession for celebrities. The average American became a pathetic, brainwshed, consumer junkie, moron. All of this represented a MASSIVE transfer of wealth from poor to rich. Executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and share holders. When the middle class finally ran low on money to spend UP, DOWN, and ACROSS, the rich did what they felt necessary to maintain their disgusting profit margins and ill-gotten obscene levels of wealth as long as possible. They cut jobs. The small business owners did what they felt necessary to survive. They cut jobs. The losses were felt primarily by the little guy. This created a domino effect. The middle class shrunk and the lower class expanded. With less wealth in active circulation, banks failed by the hundreds. More jobs were lost. Unemployment reached 25% in 1933. The worst year of the Great Depression. The recovery involved a World War and higher taxes on the rich. With so many men in the service, so many women on the production line, and those higher taxes to help pay for it, the lions share of United States wealth was gradually transfered back to the middle class. This redistribution of wealth continued until the late seventies. At the time, the richest 1% reaped about 10% of all private income and held about 20% of all United States wealth. Far less than previous levels. The middle class had home equity, free and clear assets, and money in the bank. The tide began to change. Jimmy Carter was blamed for a recession that was caused by a number of global circumstances including greed. Then a short sighted pig by the name of Arthur Laffer came along. He convinced Ronald Reagan to grant massive tax breaks to the rich and their respective industries. His half-baked theory was that by doing so, unprecidented levels of economic growth could be achieved. He was right. Unfortunately, he failed to see or acknowledge the big picture. That 'economic growth' and 'actual prosperity' are two different things. Jobs don't 'create' wealth. They only transfer it from one party to another. The devil is in the details. Reaganomics, gave the rich and their respective industries the incentive to 'expand' and 'create jobs'. But those products and services were over-priced and then sold or billed right back to the people. Often, without their knowledge, understanding, or consent. Certainly without a clue about how the economy REALLY works. All of this resulted in higher profits for those at the top and stagnant wages for everyone else. So with Reaganomics, the transfer of wealth from poor to rich was kicked back into high gear. Here we are 27 years later. Another perfect storm. The big one. Not only have we become a nation of consumer junkie credit card morons. But we have also become fat, stupid, and programmed to live by drug and doctor. We spend most of our spare time on the couch getting brainwashed by public figures. Even worse, those public figures have re-defined any logical standard we ever had for 'good will'. Mother Teresa is dead. America's favorite 'humanitarian' is now a filthy rich multi-media pig who reaped a billion dollar fortune from the middle class by making damn sure they stay on that couch long enough to watch her show and read her magazine. Transforming them into pathetic, naive, love-sick fools who turn around and buy any product or service endorsed by their idol. The same goes for Ellen Degeneres and her respective audiance. In fact, every filthy rich well known public figure and every major industry have followed suit with a similar marketing strategy. Dumbing down our society and cashing in on bogus promises to make the world a better place. Amazing. EVERY big business, EVERY big celebrity, EVERY billionaire, and damn near every multi-millionaire on the planet have all taken up 'philanthropy' or 'good will'. Those with the most money, also have the most power, and influense by far. They own or influense every government, manage every major industry, and the lion's share of life sustaining resources. They literally rule our world. Still, every major problem of modern society gets worse by the day. The world's wealth is more concentrated than ever before. Her life sustaining resources are in high demand, more expensive than ever, and squandered by the rich on extravogant living. Meanwhile, families loose their homes, retirees loose their pensions, heroes loose their lives, crime is up, and red ink flows in nearly every community. The global economy is in a state of crisis. The prosperity of an entire world is about to be compromised. Still, those with the most power, money, influense, and 'good will'. promise to make it all better. If only we continue to support them and buy any product or service with their name on it. IT IS A SHAM. GOOD WILL HAS BECOME BIG BUSINESS.

The point about our government printing up more money was that it can't be done "on a whim" and that there are serious concequences for doing so (weak dollar, higher gas prices, inflation). I never said that it can't be or hasn't been done at all. Afterall, those loans from China weren't infused in the form of Chinese currency. They were infused in the form of our own. Not given to the middle or lower classes but instead to the banks in the form of credit. Its done nothing but perpetuate the problem. It never has been and never will be the answer. Sorry if I wasn't explicit enough the first time. The original draft of this particular rant was written 2 years ago and intended to fit within 300 characters. Anyway, I'm no English major. So if any of you want to re-word this post, feel free to do so. Whatever it takes to make people understand.

A new president will be taking office soon. Backed up by a heavily democratic congress who have all campaigned on a promise to raise taxes on the rich. Unfortunately, this will be too little too late. Nowhere near enough to compensate for the incredible corruption of both major parties. Nowhere near enough to pay for the bailout. Nowhere near enough to stop that runaway train. There will be no change for the better. Obama's financial advisers are pigs. Warren Buffet is a pig. Oprah Winfrey is a pig. Obama himself is a multi-millionaire politician married to a multi-millionaire attorney. He has already run the most expensive political campaign in history. Some of it squandered on a $400 lobster feast for his wife. Financed for the mostpart by ordinary people who can't even afford a $400 lobster feast. It happened on Obama's watch. Probably more than once. He even had the nerve to ask those ordinary people to help pay off the campaign debt of another filthy rich multi-millionaire politician PIG (Hilary Clinton). I will admit that Barack Obama seems to have more character than most of his colleagues. Certainly more than Clinton, Gore, McCain, Palin, Bush, Cheney, Romney, Schwarznenager, Palosi, Kerry, Guliani, Kennedy, Bloomberg, or Edwards. He was probably a very good down to earth man at one time. The same goes for Joe Biden. Not anymore. Afterall, John McCain was also a very good down to earth man at one time. A true American hero. NOT ANYMORE. Now, he is a filthy rich politician pig married to a filthy rich big business pig. SOLD OUT. Mark my words: Obama and Biden will do the same. Whatever moral character they may have left, will be lost or heavily compromised while in office. Like the others, their administration will be riddled with scandals of greed and corruption. Like the others, they will succumb to the greatest epidemic ever faced by modern man. By far, the most intoxicating element of modern society. Greed. Simply the desire to get as rich as possible. It has the potential to blacken any heart. Break the will of any human being. Influense any government. Corrupt any society. Those who succumb to it are lost forever. You can not get through to these people. You can not make them understand. No matter how bad it gets for the little guy. No matter how many families loose their homes. No matter how many people go cold and hungry. No matter how many innocent children starve and die. No matter how much blood is shed. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. The rich will ALWAYS blame the other guy. They will ALWAYS say or do whatever it takes to secure their own extreme personal wealth. When they 'give back', its only because they expect more in return. They will NEVER compromise their own bottom line. They will NEVER jeapordize their position in the 1% club. They will NEVER stand for a more reasonable distribution of wealth and resources. They will NEVER acknowledge greed as a form of evil. They will NEVER acknolwedge the potential it has to ruin EVERYTHING. They will NEVER admit the simple truth. GREED KILLS. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL.

Ford, GM, and Dodge are begging the current admistration for some type of 'bridge loan' in order to avoid bankruptcy. The unions are begging for it. The people are divided. All because of a LIE. Again, we have been mislead. I'm not disputing their need. Its legit. I'm disputing the underlying cause. Competition my ass. China my ass. Japan my ass. Those factors are real but not fatal. They are also concequential. Not primary. Again, its GREED and CORRUPTION. Not only that of the auto executives and celebrities who demand millions to endorse the product but also within the health care industry. Thats right. Health care. The average doctor is a millionaire several times over. The average health care executive many times over. Both on average, are members of the 1% club. AGAIN, ITS THEIR FAULT. If it weren't for the OBSCENE health care charges, brainwash plots, and artificially inflated market, then the financial burden placed on Ford, GM, and Dodge wouldn't be anywhere near as high. They could easily match the labor of Honda, Toyota, and Hyndai who's workers are younger on average and not so demanding when it comes to 'health care'. In this case, the little guy is partly to blame for their incredible ignorance. They smoke, drink, get fat, fall for the most OBVIOUS health care scams, live by drug and doctor, kiss greedy doctor ass, drive up the cost of their own health care, demand full coverage, and then strike if they don't get it. Retired US auto workers on average are now causing their former employers to incur an additional $500,000 PER RETIREE in health care expenses over the span of their retirement. Those in the current workforce are partly to blame as well. Not for greed. Their wages are reasonable. But their health care demands are well in excess. If they would simply open their eyes, acknowledge the incredible greed and corruption within the health care industry, get off the couch, get off the pharmaceuticals, and take care of their own bodies, then their own cost of living would be lower, their health would be better, the market for their product would be higher, and the financial burden placed on Ford, GM, and Dodge would be MUCH lower. I'm not discounting other factors like gas prices, competition, and the US product line. But greed and ignorance wreak havok like no other elements of our society. They cause or allow the cost of living to rise and the middle class to shrink along with the potential market for every major industry. In this case, they also raise the financial burden placed on US auto makers. Mark my words: One or two US automakers will go bankrupt. They will do so regardless of any 'bridge loan'. Other well known foreign auto makers will follow. The entire manufacturing industry will become a shell of its former self. Millions of retirees will be cut off entirely. ALL BECAUSE OF GREED, CORRUPTION, AND IGNORANCE. The ripple effect is profound. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL.

The feds have reduced their interest rate to an all time low. IT WON'T WORK. The same goes for any potential bailout for the US auto industry or any other. IT WON'T WORK. IT ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY WILL NOT WORK. I would bet my life on it a hundred times over. Again, our own leaders refuse to acknowledge the single greatest drag on our economy. The single greatest underlying cause for the global economic crisis. GREED. They all refuse to acknowledge the downside. That idiot pig Arthur Laffer refuses to acknowledge it. Greenspan, Bernanke, and Paulson refuse to acknowledge it. Bush, Clinton, Kerry, Gore, Obama, and Kennedy refuse to acknowledge it. Lars Larson, Tammy Bruce, Lou Dobbs, Mike Gallagher, Suze Orman, Bill O'Reiley, Maria Bartiromo, Jim Kramer, Rush Limbaugh, and Jim Bohannon refuse to acknowledge it. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, and T-Boone Pickens refuse to acknowledge it. The same goes for all of their filthy-rich billionaire friends. All of the above are hypocrite pigs who don't have the guts to admit the simple truth. This is not brain surgery. For the mostpart, its simple math. WE ARE IN THIS MESS BECAUSE OF GREED. The world's richest one percent are now so incredibly rich that there simply isn't enough wealth circulating beneath them to sustain the global economy. Its on the brink of collapse. IT WILL COLLAPSE. We are now entering what will go down in history as the worst economic and cultural crisis of all time by far. You think its bad now? YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET. NOTHING. Trillions more in wealth/capital will be concentrated (Not lost. Concentrated.). Many more banks large and small will fail. Tens of millions will loose their savings (Transfered from poor to rich.). Even FDIC accounts will be forfeited (Yes they will. Yes they will. Yes they will.). Every major industry will become a shell of its former self. Unemployment will reach unprecidented levels. Millions of retirees will be cut off entirely. The lower class will become dominant. The financial aid system will fail miserably. The vast majority of those in need will have no access. Crime, poverty, and suicide will skyrocket. There will be riots and random acts of violence at banks, hospitals, and government buildings. The next generation will be left to fight in the crumbling streets over a shattered American dream. The rest of the world will have it even worse. So don't blame innocent people from other countries you idiots. Blame the rich. Blame the government. Blame the health care industry. Then blame yourselves for being so stupid for so many years. We have allowed a particular form of evil to grow out of control, intoxicate our society, consume our government, wreak havok on our own economy and culture, RUIN any chance we ever had at world prosperity, and jeapordize the very foundation of modern society. At the same time, we have allowed those who epitomize it to get away with calling themselves 'heroes' or 'humanitarians'. Putting a happy face on greed and dumbing down our society further in the process. THAT MEANS YOU. So wake up fellow citizens. Grow a spine. Don't fall for all of this 'good will' 'humanitarian' BS from the rich. IT IS A SHAM. NOTHING BUT TAX DEDUCTIBLE PR CRAP. Instead, look at the bottom line. IT'S F#@&#%$ OBSCENE. NOW GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULLS YOU IDIOTS. WE ARE IN THIS MESS BECAUSE OF GREED. AMERICA'S RICHEST ONE PERCENT NOW OWN ALMOST 1/2 OF ALL UNITED STATES WEALTH. THE WORLD'S RICHEST ONE PERCENT NOW OWN OVER 40% OF ALL WORLD WEALTH. THATS WAY TOO MUCH. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT HEROES. THEY ARE NOT HUMANITARIANS. THEY ARE DISGUSTING HYPOCRITE SLOBS. IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW MUCH THEY GIVE BACK. THEY STILL KEEP WAY TOO MUCH. IT CAN'T WORK THIS WAY. IT ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY CAN NOT WORK THIS WAY. IT NEVER HAS AND IT NEVER WILL. GREED KILLS. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL.

1% CLUB PIGS: I've said it many times and I will say it many more. Greed is not the desire to break the law or intentionally oppress another human being. Greed is simply the desire to take more than your reasonable share of wealth or any limited resource. By doing so, you reduce the value of currency and raise the cost of living worldwide. You cause a domino-effect of socio-economic problems. You literally cause innocent people to suffer and die. YOU MAKE WORLD PROSPERITY MATHEMATICALLY AND PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. It does not matter how much you 'give back'. It matters how much you KEEP. This is why I will go to my grave with nothing but bleeding and burning hatred for all of you. Thats right. I hate you and I'm not afraid to admit it. Afterall, its OK to hate a rapist. Its OK to hate a terrorist. I do. But I also hate wolves in sheep's clothing. THAT MEANS YOU. In fact, I consider the equation you stand for to be the greatest injustice of all time. It makes my f$#@&$# blood boil. Jealosy my ass. Low self-esteem my ass. Self-pity my ass. Anyone who still thinks that after reading all of this is a F&#@%$# MORON. You disgusting hypocrite pigs. I've noticed the little shots you've been taking at me, a few others, and the cause we stand for. The psychological stunts. Thats right Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Today Show pigs, Regis and Kelly, Ellen DeGeneres, Dr Phil, Oprah Winfrey, Lars Larson, Bill O'Reiley, Lou Dobbs, Ann Coulter, Tammy Bruce, Laura Inghram. I've noticed the crafty elusive statements you've been making about greed and subtle insults directed at those very few of us who stand against it. I also know that you're well aware of this campaign and that you're trying to shut it down. You've even gone out of your way to specifically attack 'anonymous' bloggers in general. As if we are somehow less credible without a registered account. I'm not the slightest bit intimidated by any of it. YOUR TRICKS WILL NEVER WORK ON ME. Mark my words: No matter what you say or do, I will spend the rest of my life persecuting all of you for the disgusting, obscene, unjust, illogical, and immoral equation you stand for. I won't break any laws. I won't harm one hair on your rotten heads. Its not that I don't wish you were gone. I do. But I would never jeapordize such an important cause with a criminal act. NEVER. My only realistic goal is to make as many people as possible understand. Including future generations. I hope they look back on these words and spit on your graves. Afterall, they won't achieve any degree of world peace or prosperity until after they acknowledge GREED as a form of EVIL. Not until they acknowledge it with a number or some type of material standard. In the unlikely event they ever do, I hope they FINALLY come up with a system that works for the vast majority. One with a reasonable pay scale and caps on personal wealth. Otherwise, their system will fail over and over again. Just like the one you stand for. It can't work this way. It never has and it never will. NEVER. NO WAY IN HELL. So mark my words: I will not make excuses for a single one of you. I don't care how smart you think you are. I don't care how talented you think you are. I don't care how pretty you think you are. I don't care what you think you've done to earn up to fifty thousand times the pay of a firefighter, soldier, farmer, teacher, cop, truck driver, or garbageman. You're not worth it. I don't even care if your personal fortune fell out of the sky. If you're rich, I hate you. I don't care how much you 'give back'. I care how much you keep. Therefore, I will do everything within my power and within the law to expose your incredible greed and hypocrisy. If you want to break my will, then you're going to have to break my neck first. and if you pull a stunt like that, then a lot of people will know what happened to me and why. I've planned in detail for it. Most of you have no idea. Regardless, you pigs will not go down in history as 'heroes' or 'humanitarians'. Not if I can help it. We're in this mess primarily because of you. Its going to get MUCH worse primarily because of you. Thats what I believe and thats the message I intend to spread for the rest of my life. DEAL WITH IT.

A few more words about our new president and how certain public figures are using him to divert our attention, dumb down our society, shut my big mouth, and discredit the cause I stand for. I said it during the presidential campaign, I said it again in November, and I will say it again now. Our new president has more character than most of his colleagues. Much more. In fact, he puts Bush, Cheney, Rice, Clinton, Gore, Palosi, Reagan, Carter, Romney, Schwarzenegger, Bloomberg, and Kennedy to shame. He also puts nearly every living public figure to shame. Including those who claim to support him. By politician, public figure, and 1% club standards, he is an angel. That being said, he is still a politician. Still a public figure. Still a member of the one percent club. Just a man. Like any other, he is a product not only of genetics but also of his environment. Like any other, he is intoxicated by certain elements of modern society. Including three of the worst. Fame, fortune, and power. All three have the potential to corrupt the mind, the heart, and the will of any human being. I can name only one who resisted the influense of all three. Mother Teresa died in 1998. The amazing standard she set died with her. Since then, an army of public figures and false heroes have sold out the very concept of 'good will'. Capitalizing on bogus promises to make the world a better place. The vast majority, on day one. The rest, along the way. Obama will do the same. Its just pathetic human nature. Put any man or woman on a stage or throne and something about them is different. Make any man or woman rich and something about them is different. I said it in November and I will say it again. Barack Obama was probably a very good down to earth man at one time. That was before the corrupt influense of fame, fortune, and power. Now, something about him is different. The same goes for Michelle Obama. They have already begun to sell out. Not only as necessary during the campaign because of our ignorant society and the fact that we won't elect ANYONE unless they look a certain way, dress a certain way, talk a certain way, kiss our babies, cut our taxes, tell us what we want to hear no matter how unrealistic, believe in God, follow a certain religion, support a certain industry, and show up on our favorite talk show with a fake smile, stupid jokes, and lame dance moves. That was bad enough. A sell-out necessary to get elected by a pathetic, ignorant, naive, short sighted, half-wit, couch potatoe, love-sick, celebrity junkie society. But also for profit before, during, and after the election. I already mentioned the $400 lunchtime lobster feast. Paid for mostly by ordinary people who were willing to cut into their modest bottom lines in order to help get their hero elected. SHE ATE IT. That was bad enough. Another sign of the times. As expected, its already getting worse. I have no problem with the armor plated presidential limo, the extra security, the inauguration, or the speech. I have no problem with the concept of a public celebration. But I do have a problem with the $35,000 ring, the $150,000 dress, the exotic crystal, the exotic food, the coorporate plugs, NBC, MTV, BET, Beyonce, LL Cool J, Miley Cyrus, and every other filthy rich big business/big money/big celebrity hypocrite pig who had the nerve to fly in on their personal jets, stand there lavished in gold, and jewels, and fur, and $10,000 suits and pretend as if they and Obama share a desire to make the country and our world a better, more stable, more peaceful, and more 'just' place for all its people. Once again, promoting their own interests, dumbing down our society, and dancing their way around the single greatest underlying cause for the global economic crisis. GREED. The single greatest threat to modern society. GREED. Filthy, rotten, disgusting, self-centered, self-serving, black-hearted, hypocritical GREED. By doing so, they divert our attention AGAIN at a crucial time when we need more than ever to finally acknowledge GREED as a form of EVIL. At a time when we need more than ever to understand how it burns through moral character, spreads like wildfire, jumps from one industry to another, one person to another, and wreaks havok on society worldwide. IT ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF A DOUBT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL. All of this happened on Obama's watch. I understand that he didn't plan most of the details. But he did know about many. He stood by and watched that event sell out to the highest bidder. He also bought the ring. He didn't even have a word to say about the double standards or many ethical contradictions. Afterall, he got elected. It was no longer necessary to kiss so much big business, big money, big celebrity, 1% club ass. SELL-OUT. Now, that army of filthy-rich, self-centered, self-serving, self-promoting, hypocrite pigs are using Obama's hopefull words against those very few of us who know better. They even have the nerve to belittle and villianize people like me simply because we don't float around with happy uplifting thoughts and a smile on our face. They pretend as if our message can't possibly be legitimate if its expressed with anger, contempt, hatred, or fear. As if a 'positive' attitude is any match for that domino-effect of socio-economic problems caused almost entirely by GREED. I understand that Obama could never go on record with views anything like mine. He has no choice but to be tolerant of other filthy-rich and powerful public figures. I can even forgive the affiliation to some extent. I also believe that he truly does want some degree of government reform, ethics, accountability, peace, prosperity, stability, opportunity, and economic justice for all people. Like I said, by politician standards he is an angel. Which is probably the nicest thing I will ever say or even think about a rich and powerful public figure. I find it near impossible to hate the man. He is literally the only rich and powerful public figure on this planet that I don't hate. I also understand why he gave the uplifting speech. I really don't blame him for a single word of it. But I will not pretend as if a smile or 'positive' attitude is any match for that particular form of evil consuming our world. I will not choose 'hope' over 'fear' just because it feels nice. Of course, I want things to get better. Of course, I will try in vain to help make things better. Of course, I want something legitimate to celebrate. Something that we could all be a part of. Of course, I desperately want Obama to succeed. Of course, I desperately want all of my predictions to be proven wrong. I just don't see it happening. With or without Obama, we are still stuck on that runaway train. Its not going to be any better. Its not going to be alright. Not for the vast majority. Its going to get much worse and stay that way for a very long time. I fully expect to die knowing that I devoted myself to a cause which was lost from day one. Greed will always triumph over good will. The people will never take any real stand against it. The vast majority are pathetic, ignorant, naive, short sighted, brainwashed, pharmameutical, medical-testing, couch potatoe, credit card, love-sick, celebrity junkie, powderpuffs. Perfect little victims. I hate to say that about my fellow citizens but its the truth. Afterall, they didn't see this comming. I tried to warn them and they still didn't see it. Others tried to warn them and they didn't see it. Albert Einstein tried to warn them SIXTY F$#&#$# YEARS AGO. They didn't listen. They didn't see it. They did NOTHING to stop this or even slow it down. Even now, when the problem is so much more obvious. Even now, when the futures of their children are at stake. Still, they do NOTHING. Sometimes, I wonder if they are even worth fighting for. What the hell is the point? They will never listen. They will never wake up. They will never do simple math. They will never take a stand. There will never be economic justice. There will never be a more reasonable distribution of wealth and resources. Therefore, there will never be any degree of world peace or prosperity. Its only going to get worse. A LOT WORSE. GREED KILLS. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL.
interesting post.
anonymous lawyer.. hmmm... how could we find or contact you for help?
Thanks for this great post.
do you know that in Italy a guy's copied your idea?
He started a blog about his career at a major law firm and then published a book.
Search for "studio illegale" on google.
Some days ago I've read an article on the website of an important italian newspaper talking about his brilliance!!!
I think that's insulting.
You have to suit him.
I agree with you.

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Nice to see you posting again.
Respect! i think you would have a great future ahead and you have nothing to worry about!
Good Day!

Just passing by to say welcome back again.
erm...sorry, I know m a year late but just wanted you to know that I love ur book....I never tire of it and your blog rocks....I never even knew it existed lol until I read your book... went to Law school..why are u not at a firm, earning millions? Why have you chosen to be a writer and stand outside your profession and write about it? Isn't it painful because obviously you love it..what with all the details you focus on!

Whatever the reason, know that your style of writing and content is hilarious and oddly makes law seem a whole lot interesting than it probably is lol.
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