Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm out of town this weekend at an associate's wedding. I hate when my associates get married, but I hate it more when they're engaged. At least once they're married it's all done and they can turn their attention back where it belongs. When they're engaged, they're worrying about planning a wedding (and fake-planning a honeymoon they're never going to get to take) and for months nothing important gets done. Like any of it matters anyway. I understand a big party to celebrate a new job. You spend most of your waking life at the office. But what's the difference who you're married to? It's not like you really even see them. I once went two years without seeing my wife (awake) for more than ten minutes in a row. Sure, part of that was because of her own issues, but a lot of it was because of my work schedule. She was seven months pregnant before I knew we were having a kid. That's what happens when you automatically direct all of her e-mail to the spam folder and all of her voice mail to the garbage.

I really don't know why this associate invited me to the wedding. You would think he sees enough of me at work. You would think I'd be the last person his wife would want there. I'm the guy who takes him away from her. Although maybe she likes it that way. Maybe she's only marrying him for the money. What she doesn't know is that the moment he's back from the honeymoon I keep telling him he shouldn't take, we're going to lay him off. He thinks he's got a pretty sweet deal: lucrative job, new wife, brand new house he just closed the deal on. But just give it a month and see where he is. No job, a foreclosed house, and I'm pretty sure there's not going to be a wife anymore.

He should thank me, honestly. We're doing this for his own good. This way he'll really know: does she love me for my money, or is she really this desperate (because he's not much of a catch)? If she stays, he'll know it's not about the money. And that lesson will stick with him for the six unemployed months he's got left before he decides it's better to end it all, ashamed of the shell of a man he will have become. He'll know she really loves him, even if he can't love himself. Even if his whole identity is so wrapped up in the job that he can't recognize he has something most guys at the firm would trade their entire stock portfolios for.

It's hard to find love when you're working 90 hours a week. Of course, it's not like most of these folks would find anyone even if they were working half that amount. The law doesn't attract the kinds of people who are the marrying types. The kind who can compromise and sacrifice and remember to leave the toilet seat down. Lawyers have to win every time. And in a marriage, you can't. At least not in a happy one. I can count the people here in successful marriages on the number of fingers the plaintiff in the suit against the chainsaw company we're defending has left. That's zero. No successful marriages. I can count the number of unsuccessful marriages by the number of surgeries the plaintiff has had. Nineteen. And that's just in my department.

I know it's traditional to give a gift when you go to a wedding, but I always figure my presence is good enough. Besides, my gift is on its way. Two weeks severance. Heck, it's a lot more money than anyone else is going to give them.

You didn't know your wife was pregnant till 7th month!!!!!

Now that is simply amazing
Dear Anonymous:

Do you recall something that might have led to her pregnancy?
An associate's nuptuals or your own? Congratulations!
;) Hmm...
Maybe you should give him a toaster en lieu of the two weeks severance.
wow, haha pretty evil you are..
When is your next post?? can't wait can't wait....
I no longer want to be a lawyer.
lol, oh my god, that has frightened me... I am a law student at the moment! But it says that you are just fictional on your page, so maybe its not THIS much doom and gloom in a top law firm.
This is hilarious!!! Big firm work sucks, a lot of times you end up having to cater to the whims of not only your bosses, but also pushy clients, and the inevitable eccentric:
I feel sorry for her attorney...
This is pretty funny site. A little disturbing but funny.


I love it. hahahahaha. laughing out loud.

jeez, I've missed you.
... you were afterall simply looking out for his interests. Who wants to be unsure of why someone married you?!

I think for men, they marry so it's illegal for their wives to sleep with anyone else... I am still not sure why women do it.
Love the frankness of your post..

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